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Our service vehicles are specially designed and equipped to perform up to 85% of all vehicle maintenance and repair requirements On-Site. Waste oil is pumped into environmentally safe onboard holding tanks and disposed of through certified oil recycling companies.

National Fleet Management provides a convenient and cost effective service for Fleet Managers as well as for companies with smaller fleets. Servicing your vehicles on-site saves costly vehicle and driver down time, which ultimately saves you money..

On-Site Maintenance………The BEST solution For PMI’s and Repairs
Do you send your equipment to a dealer or garage for routine PM’s and repairs? Consider National Fleet Management and the convenience of having skilled mechanics come to you in fully equipped mobile service units. Turn your downtime into a “thing of the past”. National Fleet Management will service your equipment while it is scheduled to be out of operation. No more shuttling equipment to a shop when it could be producing revenue.

Preventive Maintenance and Inspection?
The foundation of any quality maintenance program is a thorough Preventive Maintenance, which translated means “fix it in house before it breaks on the road”.

Need Assistance In-House?
Staff your shop with our technicians. National Fleet Management has the skill and experience to help you with on-site staffing.

What could be easier than to have your shop and allow an extension of our employees to help run your business
By doing so, you streamline your business; your equipment gets serviced; you eliminate lots of headaches (advertising, interviews, hiring, turnover, workers compensation, insurance issues) and you add a warranty to the work performed in your shop! National Fleet Management allows you to focus on what you do best (hauling freight, manufacturing and servicing your customers)

A Flexible Solution For The In-House Shop
National Fleet Management is a good fit for your fleet; especially if you run your own shop. You can focus your highly skilled technicians on critical heavy repairs. National Fleet Management will focus on handling your routine PMs proficiently, on-site, on time, and without the cost of downtime and overtime. We can handle it all!!!!!

Name Brand Products That We Stand Behind
National Fleet Management uses only the highest quality branded products to service your equipment. National Fleet Management offers a 60-day service warranty. National Fleet Management will repair, rebuild and replace parts due to service failure at no charge. Details are outlined in our service warranty statement.