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While we know that Preventive Maintenance Inspections (PMI) is the key to any good fleet maintenance program, we realize that sometimes repairs are a necessity, too.

Our Fleet Repair Services Consist of:

Repair Identification
In most cases our technicians will identify needed repairs before the component fails. You know as a business owner that Breakdown Maintenance can be very expensive. Even emergency roadside service prices can be at a premium rate. Tow bills, in addition to driver down time and missed deliveries or missed work all have big costs attached to them. When National Fleet Management is performing your PMI’s, we will identify components and systems that are in need of attention before it becomes a problem.

Repair Notification
After items in need of repair are identified, National Fleet Management will notify you immediately making aware all options available. We have the ability to handle all of your fleet repair needs including: Exhaust, Engine, Electrical, Body, Transmission and Suspension.

If National Fleet management cannot maintain your repairs at your place of business, we have a multi-bay shop that can handle ALL and ANY needs of your vehicles repair. In some cases, your vehicles will need to be transported to our facility.